General Information

Photonics is related to generation, guiding and detection of light and lies in the heart of modern society activities. Gathering interdisciplinary efforts from Chemistry, Physics and Materials Science the study of Photonic Materials is considered in this school focused on Glasses, Optical Fibers and Sol-Gel based materials. Glasses were the first materials prepared by man.  Isotropic in nature, with optical properties easily tuned for specific applications, glasses play a fundamental hole in photonics;  Optical fibers, prepared from optical glasses, are the choice for guiding media for applications in communications, sensing and light transmission with special new applications as active media in photonics derived new areas such as plasmonics and biophotonics; Sol-Gel based materials and processes are becoming more and more popular in the preparation of colloidal suspensions and special optical thin films.

This school will treat on the fundamentals, preparation and characterization of special glasses, optical fibers and related sol-gel based materials. Important specialists from many different countries  will be together in Araraquara for 9 days for theoretical and experimental activities concerning these special photonic media.
Students activities will include participation in all theoretical and experimental sessions and posters and oral presentations are expected in order to improve participants interaction.

To participate in the 1st SAMPA the students must submit an application. The Organizing Committee will review all the applications and the successful applicants will be notified in due time.

The School will provide financial support for the students coming away from Araraquara. The support will cover air tickets, shuttle transport, bus tickets, accommodation and meals.